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2016 | 国际单元 | 三城记——从内到外

纪实摄影师Pablo Bartholomew(印度)个展


但是,最重要的是,这些照片见证了当时社会和文化状况的不断改变;并以艺术家对自己、朋友、家人和社会环境中影像的独特选择而表现出来。在这个展览中,Pablo Bartholomew就是自己青少年时期的一个漂浮流浪的世界,是一种迷幻的生活方式,是他所说的“国家独立后自由思考的第一代人”中的一个存在——这是他作为Richard Bartholomew和Rati Bartholomew的儿子所了解的世界。他的父亲Richard是一位杰出的艺术评论家、策展人、诗人和摄影师,而他的母亲Rati也是印度、巴基斯坦和孟加拉国的电影与文化圈中的名人。这些照片就像是日记,记下了他与自己的对话,但又在无意之中表现了一种大众的、跨越年代的气质。

Representing Bartholomew’s earliest documentary photography, these photographs remain same exact thoughts as they were then. In the last twenty years, there is few photographs documenting the change of Indian cities, especially the three cities mentioned in the title: Delhi, Bombay and Calcutta. This series of photographs serves as a chronicle of the cities’changing nature, character and function. As testimony to the enduring value of his images, these documentary photographs of urban cities have an ability to bring the past to viewers.

However, primarily, these photographs witness the constant changes of the society and culture at the time. In this exhibition, Pablo Bartholomew becomes a floating and wandering world of his adolescence, a psychedelic lifestyles, and a being of what he refers to “the first generation thinking freely after the independence of the country”– a world he had personal understanding as the son of Richard Bartholomew and Rati Bartholomew. His father, Richard, is a preeminent art critic, curator, poet and photographer, and his mother, Rati, is also a famous person in movie business and cultural world of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The photographs look just like the diaries recording the conversation with him, and at the same time, it is unconsciously to reflect a sense of quality of common public and transcend the ages.

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