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2016 | 国际单元 | 玛格南底稿:摄影名作背后

《玛格南底稿:摄影名作背后》不仅呈现了 67 位玛格南摄影师的优秀作品,更重要的是,它还原了这些名作背后的编辑手法以及策略。这个展览所展示的珍贵底片,为每一个观看者提供了一个成为玛格南摄影师眼睛的机会,我们通过他们的眼睛,与他们一起穿越至拍摄的时间与空间之中,与他们一起肩并肩行走拍摄。它们能够使每一个观看者明白,这些在世界享有盛誉的影像,可能是摄影师镜头背后的主观选择,也可能是偶然邂逅的“决定性瞬间”。

此展览囊括 1930 年到 2010 年间 67 位玛格南摄影师的经典名作及其原始底片小样,共计 165 件作品,还有一批文献资料,一部访谈纪录片。CONTACT SHEETS 展览曾在纽约国际摄影中心(IPC)、荷兰 FOMA 摄影博物馆等顶级摄影艺术机构巡展,媒体称其为欧洲近年来最具影响力的摄影展览之一。本展览也是玛格南作为一个群体在中国的首次展览!

" Magnum Contact Sheets Exhibition" not only presents 67 Magnum photographers’ outstanding works, more importantly, the restored editing techniques and strategies behind these masterpieces. These contact sheets provide an opportunity to the audiences being the eyes of Magnum photographers. We can cross to the exact photographing time and place, walking with them side-by-side and shooting pictures through their eyes. They can let every viewer understand that these prestigious images in the world may be taken by the photographers’ initiative choices, or “the Decisive Moment” coming cross.

There are 165 pieces of works in total, covering Magnum photographers’ classic works and the original film sample. Beside that, a number of documentation and a documentary interview include. CONTACT SHEETS exhibition tour has been hold in International Center of Photography (IPC) in New York, Foma Museum in Holland, and other top photography art institutions. The media called it as one of the most influential photography exhibition in recent years in Europe. It is also the first exhibition of Magnum as a group in China!

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