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2016 | 独立单元 | 鱼是我

马切·格沃文斯基作品 亚洲首映

《鱼是我》导演马切·格沃文斯基(Maciej Głowiński)通过诗一般的镜头进入这条渔村的家庭,用平淡朴实的视觉记录严寒下的波兰渔民生活。在与渔民朝夕共对的一年多时间里,格罗文斯基详实地记录下渔民们的生活和工作,从父与子、夫与妻乃至三代渔民的直白对话中我们可以窥探生活在这个时空中的人的内心独白。早已与海水和鱼类融为一体的渔民们生活也面临着挑战,渔民后代不愿意继续在这样艰苦的环境下继承父辈的衣钵。

马切·格沃文斯基是波兰导演,摄影师,记者。毕业于华沙电影与戏剧学院。他的两部纪实电影《鱼是我》和《一饮而尽》在国内外获得近50个奖项,包括莫斯科DOKER国际纪录片节最佳导演奖、捷克共和国“银色东方”欧洲最佳纪录片提名、波兰Zubroffka国际纪录片节最佳纪录片奖等。他曾跟随Jazz Po Polsku项目赴中国巡演,期间拍摄的一系列照片纪录了波兰爵士音乐家与中国风土人情的对话。

The Director of the Fish Is Me, Maciej Głowiński, in this film through a poetic lens into the families of this fishing village, documented the Polish fishermen’s lives in bitter cold weather with the prosaic and simple images. Living with the fishermen for more than one year, Maciej Głowiński recorded the fishermen’s lives and work in detail, Through the conversation between fathers and sons, husbands and wives, as well as among the three generations, we can get a peep at the people’s internal monologues in this time and space. The fishermen who has been blend into the sea and fish faced the challenges, at the same time the later generation were not willing to keep on living in this harsh environment and inherit the mantle of their parents.

Graduate of The Film and Television Academy in Warsaw, he is Polish director, photographer and journalist. Two of his documentary films, "Fish'R'us" and "Bottoms up" got nearly 50 awards both at Poland and abroad, including Moscow DOKER International Documentary Film Festival Award for Best Director, Czech Republic "Silver Oriental" nominated for the best documentary in Europe, and the best documentary award at Poland Zubroffka International Documentary Film Festival. He joined Jazz Po Polsku project China tour During the tour, he took a series of photographs recording the communication between Polish jazz musicians and Chinese customs and folk culture.

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