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2016 | 独立单元 | 自在•高原



In the 1990s, all Chinese people retrospect the feeling of the past. It is an era mixing the reality and imaginary of the past, and a golden age constructing the sunshine, freedom and poetry. In this decade, Chinese rock music had briefly erupted. This rock music accompanying many Chinese people through the youth, presented the anxiety of social reality and themselves and the purpose of acting out and expressing. On the contrary, the pursuit of youth, freedom, talent and independence in this generation deeply affected their age. In Gao Yuan ’s lens, she did not want to be a recorder and show this "ideal". What she wanted to express in her photographs was that at that time she really stayed with the rock musicians and joined them. Gao Yuan said she didn't feel lost at the time, but now. So in these photographs of personal expression, we do not need to follow the Collective aesthetic. It depends on the viewers themselves who may be willing to read the photos from the music, photography, culture or sociology, or read them as missing the lost youth and reminding of their past.

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