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2016 | 在地单元 | 执嘢 鳌湖映像


The 100-year-old Hakka village-Guanlan Ao Lake Old Village is located at the border between Shenzhen City and Dongguan City. Since 2013, a group of artists have walked in here to have discussions about art or paint something creative in the beautiful pond-side places, private schools of the Republic of China, Rococo watch towns and under the Longan and Litchi trees. “Zhiye” is the common expression of “sort something out ” in Cantonese in Guangzhou. Sorting things out artificially is the main point of this word. In here, we use it to mean the way of sort out the everyday things again in local traditional culture. These things are rooted in the local traditional culture and carried on from generation to generation, and they exist in every corner of every centenary village. The Guanlan Ao Lake Old Village is the most typical example. As one of the most important place about Chinese modern art, it is changing quietly. Through the present and absent artists’ eyes, we try to restore a piece of history impacted by all kinds of tides of the times and present a multicultural original outlook of this old village with images, installations, performance art, earth art and literature.

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