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2016 | 独立单元 | 凝固流动之美



I've spent nearly 35 years, using photography to explore movement and showed potential of its performance. My inspiration comes from photography, which has the power to stop time, and the ability to reveal what is invisible to the naked eye. The object in my photographs seems to be dynamic, but the meaning behind it is time. The movement of the dancer explains the passage of time, which is physical and spatial. In my photographs, time stops;one second can be eternal; therefore these brief moments evolve into solid sculpture. My interest in photography is not to capture the image before my eyes or in my mind. I pay more attention to the whole process of the artistic exploration, which is very promising, so, I can expand the infinite imagination. The emotion and narration of the dancers’ motion images makes me burn. I’m not really interested in dancing, but it seems dancers are the best object for me to explore my photography.”

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