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2016 | 独立单元 | 迷宫

István Horkay 个展


"In today's world, the common use of computers simplifies our lives. However, as an artist, I find that in the digital world, digital technology must be taken seriously, because they can essentially reflect the artist and his works. If my works are incorporated into mathematics and digital field, we can see the arts human creating essentially has a basis in binary. The revealing of their essence should be one of the artists’ exploring aims, and the technology should not drown out everything. When my work is saved as a PSD file, I can arbitrarily change, or rework. Since they are the stored files, there is a limitless freedom to make them active all the time without any fixity. Although technology is challenging, I think my works are infinite in my art, and they can be presented in any shape or size. Digital technology is my tools, which let me limitless interweave reality with fantasy, or history with future in my works through layering. It not only gives the literary and poetic imagery, but also integrates my personality and soul as an artist into the works. They are mutually independent but interrelated, forming a new school in digital arts—virtual poetry.”——István Horkay

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