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2016 | 国际单元 | 美国国家地理-百年经典作品展

美国国家地理学会(NG)和摄影术都诞生在19世纪科技大发展的年代。自从NG开始采用摄影手段来教育会员、支持科学研究,学会见证并参与了许多重要摄影技术的发明和应用。但摄影对于NG来说绝非使用者与工具的简单关系。NG“探索这个世界及其所包含的一切” 和“鼓舞人们关注地球”的宗旨决定了它会与“眼见为实”的摄影结缘。

The National Geographic Society NG and photography were born in the nineteenth century, the era of high development in science and technology. Since NG began to use photography to educate members, support scientific research, it witnessed and participated in the creation and application of many important photography technologies. However, photography is not just a tool for NG. The NG’s aim, which is to “explore our planet” and “encourage people to keep an eye on the planet”, means to make a connection with photography, in which seeing is believing.

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