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2016 | 在地单元 | 大师镜头下的深圳

改革开放的大潮推动城市的快速发展,“城中村”就是这个大时代下的产物。而有着 546 年历史的湖贝古村,正面临着拆除改造的形式。透过世界级影像大师的镜头,用国际的视野探寻以湖贝古村为代表的城中村的盛开与衰败。

The tide flow of Chinese Economic Reform and Opening –up has promoted the rapid development of the city, and “Urban Village” is the product of this big era. And the 564-year-old Hubei ancient village is facing the demolition and reconstruction. Through the lens of world-class masters, it explores the decline and nirvana of urban villages represented by Huibei ancient village with the international visions.

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