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2016 | 国际单元 | 波兰影像巡映

冷战结束后的波兰,是社会经济发展最快的东欧国家。那些骇人听闻的世界大事正在远离这个夹在俄罗斯和德国之间的国家,波兰开始走上了“正常化”的轨道。波兰国内纪录片导演纷纷把镜头转向波兰社会的普通日常生活。与八十年以前纪录片必须由政府机构拍摄不同,波兰当代纪录片几乎清一色由私人工作室或者电视台制作,电视台成为了波兰纪录片的最大播放平台。由于生产关系的转变,波兰纪录片角色也发生了一定的矛盾:在传统意义上,波兰国内一直认为纪录片是纯粹的艺术品,然而在大众媒体的时代,纪录片也是电子媒介传递的新闻作品。本单元格选取了六部追寻“回归常态” 思路的纪录片,以各种角度切入探讨波兰当代社会中生存的个体。


After the Cold War, Poland becomes the most rapid social and economic development of country in Eastern Europe. As the terrible world affairs getting away from this country, which is in the middle of Russia and Germany, Poland started being back on track. Under this circumstance, the Polish documentary directors turn the cameras to the ordinary daily lives of the society. Before the 1980s, the documentaries in Poland were filmed by the government agencies. However, the Polish contemporary documentaries were totally different. All of them were almost produced by the private studios and the television stations, and the TV stations became the biggest broadcast platforms for the Polish documentaries. Because of the change of the relations of production, the Polish contemporary documentaries were in conflict with the traditional ones: in the traditional views, documentaries were considered as pure art, but in the era of the mass media, they are also as as a vehicle for communication to deliver news to the viewers. This section selects six documentaries, which pursuit the idea of “return to normalcy”, and from different standpoints explores the situation of the individuals in Polish contemporary society.

These films seem unconnected, but if taking a closed look, the viewers may find out they explore the exact opposite conditions of lives. These filming subjects include a famous Polish electronic musician, a successful Polish fashion designer, a new ballet dancer, a terminally ill mother and a baby who will live with a respirator in the whole life. In these films, there are several groups of comparison: the old hand and the newcomer; the electronic musician who depending on the old material such as: analog audio master tape and the fashion designer who working in the new business; the beginning of life and the end of life; the newly born baby having to face the torture and the challenge and the dying mother who would release from the suffering.

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