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2016 | 主题研讨 | 我是他者

“我是他者”是我们与法方组织的一系列论坛的题目。 2016年6月1日-2日,我们在广州的时代美术馆举行了系列论坛的第一回。





" JE est un autre " is the topic of a series of forums we have organized with the French people. From 1st -2 nd June 2016, we held the first session of a series of forums at Times Museum in Guangzhou.

"JE est un autre" comes from the letter of the French symbolist poet Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud in 1871 - "Letter to Paul Demeny", in which he wrote, “JE est un autre” meaning I am another. In this Promethean-style sentence, Rambo foreshadowed the future of the poets and artists' task: experiment all kinds of creative forms in the unknown creative fields. This idea had a profound impact on the 20th century since the surrealism. Rimbaud's poems, as well as his wandering life, continue to resonate with many contemporary works of art: "ID", "I", "Ego" and "dissimilarity."

The first round was titled "Self-image and Other-images In Contemporary Art", and collected talks and dialogues by seven Chinese and French scholars and artists. They tried to explore the construction between "other" and “self” in contemporary art, the identities of artists and their dissimilarities in different visions.

The theme in this IUIF is " JE est un autre ", and we want to combine the forum and exhibition. Therefore, there are foreign documentary photography and photojournalism masterpieces, videos running, artists’ group exhibition about the experimental photography, the exploration of local new artistic groups as well as some creative works connecting with mass images. We hope this forum would have more extended discussion about the connection between “self” and “other” in this multinational images festival. It is not just to connect the western and eastern world, or differentiate “you” from “I”, fiction reality, and perception mentality. It should explore reciprocal connections in more areas.

We hope that this way coinciding the exhibition and the theme of forum would make the discussion of this topic more deep and wider, and have a sustained academic effect.

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