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2016 | 国际单元 | 荷赛WPP2016

荷赛多媒体竞赛奖 中国首映

世界新闻摄影比赛(The World Press Photo Contest,简称“WPP”,通称“荷赛”),由总部设在荷兰的世界新闻摄影基金会(WORLD PRESS PHOTO FOUNDATION)主办,被认为是国际专业新闻摄影比赛中最具权威性的赛事。荷赛奖旨在全世界范围内引起并增强人们对新闻摄影的广泛兴趣,传播信息并加强国际间的相互理解。

The World Press Photo Contest, also known as WPP Contest, was founded by the World Press Photo Foundation in Holland, and is regarded as the most authoritative contest in the international press photo contests. It aims to increase people’s interest in photojournalism, spread information and promote international understanding.

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